Personal Training

At Kladnik KO fitness we take a comprehensive, scientific approach to fitness and your well-being. Every client is thoroughly assessed to determine their abilities and limitations.  Based on this, we design a holistic training program that takes into consideration your, current fitness, past fitness experience, time restraints, and goals.


What we offer:

  • Hourly drop-in Personal training

  • 5-week personal training programs

  • Kettle bell classes


5-week personal training program


The 5 week program comes with a custom fitness program and log book, weekly 60 min one on one personal training session (in studio), and access to your personal trainer anytime over the phone for questions. You can also opt in for our My Accountability Buddy* service.

These are the typical types of programs our clients do 

  • Baseline fitness

    • For those new or with long hiatus from fitness

    • Improve range of motion and muscle imbalances

    • Learn how to use free weights, machines, and other exercise equipment

    • Get excited about fitness       

  • Fat loss

    • Helps you get off Yoyo dieting, and onto a realistic diet and workout routine that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

    • Shape your body

    • Tone your arms, legs, and butt

    • Develop lean muscle

  • Endurance

    • For those training for endurance sports

    • Improve cardiovascular endurance

    • Circuit training

  • Athleticism

    • Sport specific

    • Develop athleticism needed to excel in sports

    • Improve your lactic threshold

    • Develop lean muscle

    • HIIT Training

    • Kettlebells



Assessments are free, please set up an appointment by calling us. 604-997-9461




Meet the coach

Oliver Kladnik is a boxing and fitness coach. Kladnik has been an active competitive boxer for over 10 years, training and competing at home and internationally. He developed his coaching style through years of observing different coaching methods and studying fitness principles. He is also a nationally certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor, and Boxing coach. Most importantly he has a genuine belief that we can all have fun doing fitness and it is his goal to help anyone that wants to find that in their life